Nine years ago little Jerry Hewitt found out his mother was dying.

Now, almost a decade later, a woman is suddenly drawn to commit unspeakable acts of violence while a police detective tries to unravel the details behind a bizarre suicide.

All three of them begin to discover that their lives have fallen under control of something so sinister that it predates human memory.


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Christina McIntaggart narrowly escapes mortal injury by the intervention of a troubled teenage boy.

The traumatic ordeal insidiously disrupts her life and causes her to seek out her rescuer.

Her search for him will not only reveal the truth behind the event that changed her life but answer the most enduring questions of mankind as well.


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The Mark

Jim Tanner is trying to atone for a childhood tragedy that took the life of his brother.

He moves from crime scene to crime scene and hopes to close the distance with an elusive killer.

But this chase is like no other and will not only lead to the darkest shadows of his heart but redefine the roles of hunter and hunted.

The Mark is out of print.